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Berry Skinny Fat Burning Ice Tea

Berry Skinny Fat Burning Ice Tea

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🍓Berry Skinny Strawberry Ice Tea mix is rich in atioxidants, gives you your daily dose of Vitamin C, and stimulates metabolism! Made with natural superfood ingredients. No sugar added.

🍓Promotes weight loss
🍓Increases energy
🍓Enhances brain function

🔥It has 32 calories, 32 mg of vitamin c, 18 mg of calcium, 0.3mg of iron and 10.3 phosphorus.

✨Strawberry Extract
✨Green Tea Polyphenol
✨Oolong Tea Extracts
✨Ginger Extracts
✨Pomegranate Powder
✨Goli Berry
✨Guarana Extract
✨Horsetail Stem Extract
✨Buchu Leaf
✨Couch Grass Rhizome
✨Hydrangea Root
✨Juniper Berry
✨Uva Ursi Leaf
✨Cornsilk Stylus

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